Certified Scrum Master Class in Copenhagen November 2009

Will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Most Scrum courses are about the responsibilities of the ScrumMaster and the team — the blue pill — while ignoring the integrated role of management and the importance of converting your enterprise to Scrum, top-to-bottom. The blue pill will give you 10% or 20% improvements, and can maybe even double your performance. I’d rather have the class aim for one or two orders of magnitude in their implementations back home. The class will choose — and in any case, the blue pill junkies will have enough to take back home to get their 10% or 20%. For the rest, you’re in for a great ride. And, in any case, in this course, we’ll immerse you in those experiences, and you’ll emerge empowered to take on the world of high-powered product development.

On the 16-17 November, Jim Coplien and I will give a Certified Scrum Master Class together. The class is held in Valtech’s beautifull facilities on Holmen in the old historic canon boat houses from 1837.

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